Crime scene
Crime scene

A live bomb has been detonated and six others collected by officers from the bomb disposal unit at Naibor Keju area in Samburu central sub-county.

Samburu Central Sub County Deputy Police Commander Abdikadir Malicha said bombs were discovered Saturday in a thicket by a herder who was herding his cattle in the area.

 “We received a report from members of the public from Naibor Keju near Kisima area that while grazing his cattle, the herder came across seven metal objects which he suspected to be explosives,” he said.

Malicha said that after getting the report he sent officers to secure the devices after calling the bomb disposal unit.

“Out of the seven, one was a live rocket-propelled grenade, while the other six were dummy bombs which are usually used during a military exercise. The live one was old and rusty but once it's tempered with it can cause serious injuries,” he said.

Malicha noted that incidences of unexploded bombs being discovered in the area have been reported several times and urged residents especially children not to tamper with suspicious-looking objects. 

 “I still urge residents when they come across any metallic object which they suspect to be explosive to report to us for immediate action,” he said.

The residents are complaining that the presence of undetonated bombs that were left behind after military training in the area over three decades ago are still posing danger to humans and livestock. 

Lesira Leamo, whose child was seriously injured in an explosive accident in the area twelve years ago, is asking the government to mop up undetonated bombs in the area.

“There are numerous live bombs in these hills of Naibor Keju and we are pleading with the government to keep us safe by removing them, before unsuspecting children pick them while grazing,” he said.

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