City man jumps from 3rd floor apartment to avoid arrest


A city man who jumped from the third floor of an apartment in the Embakasi area to avoid arrest is in hospital after he broke his legs.

The suspect identified as Didmus Mong’are, was escaping from police who were looking for him for claims of obtaining money in false pretence.

Police say the man leapt from his kitchen balcony at Amani apartments as police arrived there to get him which left him with broken limbs.

The officers who he was running away from were the first ones to pick him up to the hospital where he is nursing wounds ahead of a planned arraignment.

Police had stormed his house at 10am, to arrest him for obtaining money by false pretenses.

However, according to Embakasi police boss John Nyamu, in a bid to trick the officers, Mong’are emerged from his bedroom naked, prompting the officers to allow him time to dress up.

After putting on a pair of denim pants and a checked shirt, the suspect mischievously dashed to the kitchen and flew from the balcony before he landed on his legs.

In his pursuit, the officers took the flight of stairs to restrain the suspect from getting away or harming himself further.

Officials at Mama Lucy Hospital said the suspect is in a stable condition.

Police said they are waiting for him to improve and take him to court to answer to charges of obtaining money by false pretences contrary to section 313 of the Penal Code.

Nyamu told suspects not to run away when in such circumstances terming it dangerous.

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