Court of Law
Court of Law

A woman who came to Nairobi to look for greener pastures is counting losses after she met with her former boyfriend who turned out to be the cause of her problems months after moving in together.

Claudia Kadenyeka was charged with the offence of stealing Fozia Cherotich’s phone worth Sh 9,500 on the night of August 9, 2021, between 9 pm and 6 am at their residential house in Uthiru, Nairobi County.

He however denied the charges before Kibera senior principal magistrate Derrick Kuto on Monday.

For quite some time, as it was stated, the duo had been living together and working together, the police report says

According to the police, Kadenyeka was the one who helped Cherotich look for a job here in Nairobi as a waitress at a food joint not far from their residential place.

Prior to the incident, Cherotich had hinted to the accused that she would travel to her rural home and she will spend some time there before returning back to Nairobi.

That night, Cherotich’s mobile phone was stolen but the accused person’s phone was the only one that was left behind. It is claimed that she had disclosed the value of the gadget to the accused.

Cherotich however wondered how her phone could have been stolen from the house and yet they were the only ones who were sleeping and yet the house was not broken into. And having been hosted by the accused person, Cherotich could not ask or confront him on her phone whereabouts.

Cherotich later learned that the accused person gave the stolen phone to one of his friends to help him download a loan app but at the same time could not account for ownership of the same when he was asked.

From the particulars, Cherotich is said to have bought the phone using her meagre earnings.

The accused was arrested and taken to court where he denied stealing the mobile phone.

Court prosecutor Allan Mogere did not object to his release on bond.

The magistrate released him on Sh 50,000 cash bail and directed the matter to be mentioned on October 2

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