A 32-year-old woman who had admitted unintentionally killing her husband has been committed to a three year Non-Custodial Sentence. 

This is after Probation Report indicated that the woman has a good reputation in her area and the relatives are ready to receive her back. 

The Court also heard that her husband was a troublemaker and the two had led a turbulent living because of him. 

Jane Muyantet Malosi had admitted at Loitoktok Law Court, a charge of manslaughter. 

Before Principal Magistrate, Judicaster Nthuku, Muyantet had admitted that on May 24th, 2021 at Nkutoto area in Kimana location, Loitokitok Sub-county, unintentionally caused death of her husband Muyantet Ole Malosi. 

According to the Prosecution, on the fateful day, the deceased had misused money from crop sales by drinking at a nearby pub. 

When the husband arrived at around 10.00 am, a quarrel ensued when the accused enquired why he squandered the proceeds by drinking.   

The court heard that when the deceased tried to hit the accused, she pushed him and he fell and she left him lying on the ground. 

When she came back at around 1.00 pm she found her husband on the same spot she left him and discovered that he was unconscious, and she raised an alarm. 

Neighbours arrived and the deceased was taken to Kisanjan Medical Clinic before being referred to Loitoktok Sub-county Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

The wife was arrested and taken to Kimana Police Station and charged with murder before charge was changed to manslaughter after investigations.

 Muyantet will be received back by the relatives, after the traditional Maasai ceremonial cleansing.

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