Four men who tried to kidnap a man from Mukuru slums and take him to Mombasa were last night arrested.

The four were travelling in a salon car and had arrived in the Lungalunga area for the mission when police who had been tipped off acted and arrested them.

The targeted man said he had been informed of the mission and feared he would have been killed.

The four are expected in court this morning. Cases of kidnapping have been on the rise in the country with some of the victims found alive while others remain unsolved.

The four are expected in court this morning.

Meanwhile, two men were stabbed to death in a fight over a car wash space in Mathare slums, Nairobi.

The men were among those fighting for the space within Kiamaiko when they were attacked and killed. Police say two groups were fighting over space in the area when the incident happened.

The two groups have been washing lorries that deliver animals to the slaughterhouses in the area and they differed on who should handle the ground.

Police say the assailants are at large and efforts to trace them are ongoing.

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