A 30-year-old Kiambu High School teacher was Monday night pronounced dead at Kiambu level five hospital after he was stabbed in the neck with a broken beer bottle during a bar brawl.

According to an eye witness who declined to be named said that the victim Edwin Gichuki was taking beer at Linkers Bar in Kirigiti centre in Kiambu where while passing past other revellers inside the bar felt like his pocket was touched like someone wanted to steal from him and reacted angrily towards a reveller who was near him.

'The man was passing through the bar and he felt like someone was entering his pockets to steal from him and he angrily started beating up a man who he suspected to be the one," said the witness.

The witness said that it escalated to a fight which later was solved but the man who was beaten up went outside and came back with a broken beer bottle and stabbed the victim and he fled.

"After the man was beaten up his words were that the victim will never hit another man the way he did to him and immediately rushed outside and came back with a broken beer bottle glass and stabbed the victim," said the witness.

Another witness Lydia Njambi said she was heading home and saw many people rushing at the scene and found the victim lying on the floor and people were touching him to check on his condition and that is when police were called and were rushed to hospital.

"After the incident, there were a lot of people coming to see what had happened and found a man lying on the ground while oozing blood from the neck and some people were trying to help him before the police arrived and took him to hospital.

"I heard that someone had stabbed him after an argument which led to a physical fight and the other suspect decided to revenge," said Njambi.

George Osur deputy sub-county commander Kiambu East while confirming the incident said that at around 8 pm on Monday 13, September 2021, a disagreement ensued between Gichuki and another person known as Maina over an unknown issue at Kirigiti Trading Centre and in the process Maina ended up stabbing Gichuki.

"Gichuki, who is a teacher at Kiambu High School, ended up being stabbed by Maina after a disagreement over an unknown issue. He was stabbed with an object suspected to be broken glass on the right side of the neck," said Osur.

Osur said that the victim bled profusely and was rushed to Kiambu Level five hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

"The suspect was traced and was arrested within the Riabai area where he was arrested and placed in cells pending further investigations. the body was moved to Kiambu Level Five hospital mortuary awaiting autopsy," said Osur.

He however said that they are treating the matter as murder with the DCI Kiambu pursuing the matter before the suspect is produced in court.

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