Robert Burale
Robert Burale

Stylish pastor and motivational speaker Robert Burale and his family are mourning the sudden death of their kin.

Burale's cousin, Emmaculate Mayavi, 42, was clobbered to death by her hubby, Kevin Onyango, 34.

According to the DCI, Kevin is reported to have gone home yesterday evening after a long day at work and found his wife missing. He looked for her frantically, only to find her at a chang’aa drinking den heavily intoxicated.

Infuriated, he descended on her with kicks and blows further immobilizing Emmaculate who could barely stand on her feet.

He then put her on a wheelbarrow and pushed her home, where she is reported to have developed complications and passed away during the night.

Responding to the post by DCI on social media, Burale confirmed that the woman who died was his cousin.

"Rest in peace mu dear cousin." Burale wrote, followed by many tear emojis.

The matter is still under investigation and Kevin is currently in custody at Sihay police station, being processed for arraignment to answer to murder charges.

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