Police in Mwingi has arrested a fellow officer for drawing a gun and threatening to shoot his wife during a domestic dispute.

The officer, identified as Shadrack Munyao drew his gun and pointed at his wife Christine Mutethya and a son as they quarrelled.

“During the misunderstanding, Munyao drew the pistol which he had holstered. The pistol is a browning serial number 289550 with one magazine and twelve rounds,” the Mwingi Central sub county police commander Peter Mutuma confirmed.

During the incident, the firearm luckily had fallen to the ground and was quickly picked up by the couple’s 15-year-old son.

The son and his mother then rushed to Mwingi Central police station where they reported the matter and handed over the firearm.

Munyao also followed his family to the police station, where it was established that he is a GSU officer based at the GSU headquarters and had been on leave since 15th of this month when he travelled to his home in Mwingi.

Munyao was arrested awaiting interrogation and further police action.

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