MEDIA SENSATION: Edwin Omuse hoping to make headlines.
MEDIA SENSATION: Edwin Omuse hoping to make headlines.

A prison officer who went missing from Kangeta GK Prison in Meru with a riffle in a sack was arrested in Thika on a murder mission.

Police say he was caught in his girlfriend's house, where he had intentions of harming her.

Earlier, the warder had been overheard saying that he would travel to Thika to eliminate his girlfriend, whom he alleged had defrauded him Sh900,000 that he had borrowed from a money lending institution.

His social media posts have shed light on what he was about. 

In one post, Omuse concurs with a quote about rejection in relationships.

"When a woman rejects a man of vision and accepts a man with television, she will end up watching the man of vision on her own husband's television. Don't judge a man by his pocket but judge him by his vision. Because where a man is going in life is more important than his present condition. Stay blessed."

Sharing that post he wrote, "Ukweli kabisa (Pure truth!)"

Omuse also shared a photoshoped image of himself making headlines in the newspapers. The headline reads, "Edwin Omuse becomes world's newest billionaire,"

Edwin Omuse's post on making headlines.
Edwin Omuse's post on making headlines.

In another posts, he shades his colleagues who are giving him a hard time at work.

"Some colleagues of mine amaze me mtu anaingia kwako unafikiria ako uzuri, kumbe anachunguza nyumba yako (Someone comes into your house, you think he has good intentions only to find out they are investigating your life). Why don't you mind your own business!!"

He added, "Hope you know yourself, shame on you!!"

Day later he posted, "Something somewhere is not going well on my side, I don't know the cause? (sic)."

Omuse is in police custody waiting to be arraigned in court.

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