The prime suspect behind last week’s grisly murder of four men in Kitengela, has been arrested by detectives.

Benson Melonyie ole Mungai, 40, was arrested from his hideout in Kitengela town last evening, where he has been hiding since he masterminded the killings.

His arrest comes a few days after DCI took over investigations into the murders and moved with speed to pursue the killers.

Ole Mungai was positively linked into the brutal killings after forensic investigations placed him at the scene of the crime, where it was established that he led and coordinated the killing of the four.

Detectives are in pursuit of the rest of the killers, as Ole Mungai remains in custody to assist with further investigations.

Among those killed were brothers Fredrick Muriithi and Victor Mwangi who were killed together with two others, Mike George and Nicholas Musa in unclear circumstances last Saturday in a case of mistaken identity.

Fred Mureithi, 30

Mureithi was born on April 17, 1991, and after his primary school, he joined St Joseph’s Githunguri High School.

Upon completion of his studies in 2011, he enlisted for a graphic design course in Nairobi.

He went on to become an animator and a graphic designer and won several contracts at Kameme TV as an animator for cartoons.

He said he owned a printing shop on Munyu Road in Nairobi.

Victor Mwangi, 25

Mwangi, born on August 8, 1996, in Nairobi, was killed on his birthday, on which he had turned 25.

He took a course in sound engineering and with the support of his mother until 2018, had imported music equipment from China, which he traded in by selling and hiring out to churches and political rallies across the country.

He rode speed bikes around the country with his Rastafarian friends during his free time. He was not married at the time of his death.

Mike George (Spoiler), 29

George was a cousin to Fred and Victor and a close family friend.

He owned a tattoo shop on Ronald Ngala Road opposite Gloria Hotel in Nairobi. Most of his customers were local celebrities from Nairobi, Mombasa and Dar-es-Salaam.

Nicholas Musa (Nico), 28

He was employed by George in his tattoo shop. He was a family friend.

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