Senior cop's car getting mobbed by irate bodaboda riders
Senior cop's car getting mobbed by irate bodaboda riders

A video of a senior cop being mobbed by angry bodaboda riders after hitting two pedestrians has gone viral.

The senior cop was rescued by a traffic cop who filed the incident report at Langata Police station.

Officer Flora Mwongeli stated in her report, "I was on patrol along Langata road specifically at Carnivore Junction at around 1700hrs when I noticed a vehicle speeding along the wrong side of the road heading towards Karen general direction followed closely followed by dozens of motorcycles.

I noticed something was amiss and sped off following behind and on reaching Langata barracks area, I found the motor vehicle already cornered and the driver being subjected to beating."

The report continues, "She intervened and saved the driver and a lady passenger but the driver had already suffered minor bruises on the lips and arms.

She then escorted the two to the station where the driver was identified as Mr Zackary King'ori Mwangi S/AIG currently attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was established that the officer was using the wrong side of the road due to a traffic jam between Sunshine school and Carnivore junction when he knocked down two pedestrians who were crossing the road who suffered multiple injuries and rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital in serious condition by a good samaritan.

His vehicle registration No. KBU 754M was damaged on the front bumper due to the accident but the left side windscreens were smashed by the cyclists.

At the station, the officer recorded in the OB that he was involved in an accident and was leaving to Karen Hospital to pick a person in distress.

He left with his motor vehicle and the lady passenger who was not injured."

Check out the video recording from the incident.

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