Jonathan Mukundi with wife Philomena Njeri during happier times
Jonathan Mukundi with wife Philomena Njeri during happier times

Tycoon Jonathan Mukundi died with the secret on if he had a family abroad or not.

His friends and neighbours don't seem to know any of his intimate life secrets.

All they know is that he was married for five years to Philomena Njeri and that he shot her three times before turning the gun on himself.

Close friends and workers in the home said the happy situation started deteriorating badly in the sixth year of their marriage.

The close pals and neighbours each had different versions of the story about their feuding.

While one said that Mukundi did not want any children as he already had two from his previous marriage, another said he confided to a close friend that he was unable to sire children.

“He has two children and an ex-wife who live outside the country, so he did not want any more children but Njeri wanted children very much," neighbour Joseph Kamau said.

A close friend of the couple confirmed Mukundi has two children and a wife in Belgium. He also said that Njeri was pregnant but it was through in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

“The two met at a club sometime back and when Njeri couldn’t get pregnant, they went the IVF way,” he said, asking not to be named.

Neighbours told police there was a disagreement between the couple for almost two months.

"Mostly this is caused by depression, maybe some stress within the family. I urge you; if you are having a problem go for counselling or get help from neighbours or ask friends for advice," Badel said.

According to a report made at the Kiambu police station, Robert Njuguna told police it was unusual for his boss not to pick calls or return missed calls.

He had gone to the station on Tuesday where he was to pick Mukundi's car that had drove into a wall the previous evening.

Njuguna went with the police to the house and witnessed the death scene. Police recovered Mukundi's mini-Glock pistol.

The DCIO said they were investigating.

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