Police in Bungoma have arrested a man in his early thirties, Mabonga Wafula from Enamanje village, Mayanja location, for allegedly beating his wife, Elizabeth Mabonga to death.

The late Elizabeth is alleged to have arrived at her home last Tuesday evening, July 20th, after coming from her late stepmother's funeral where she had spent the night.

All seemed well until her husband Mabonga arrived, then things changed.

Elizabeth was badly beaten by the husband who was drunk until a concerned neighbour pleaded with Mabonga to stop beating the wife but he ordered the neighbour to mind his own business and leave what does not concern him.

The concerned neighbour told the son who was helplessly watching to run and call another neighbour, a Barasa Simiyu, who is a friend to Mabonga. It was explained that Mabonga could only listen to Barasa and nobody else.

Unfortunately, Barasa never showed up and that was the last time that Elizabeth was seen alive. Shocked neighbours told KNA that from Wednesday to Friday, Mabonga went about his usual drinking spree with friends and came back to the house as though nothing had happened.

On Friday morning, a neighbour went to Elizabeth's house to request her to accompany her to a funeral and noticed flies and a foul smell coming from the house.

She raised an alarm, and neighbours came and broke the door only to notice the wife’s decomposing body. Her husband was also lying beside it while dressed in Elizabeth's clothes. Both seemed dead.

The mood changed as the neighbours mourned both the husband and the wife only for Mabonga to wake up later and demand the window to be opened for fresh air.

Police arrived at the scene immediately to take Elizabeth's body and arrested Mabonga .

He was immediately handcuffed and admitted to Bungoma County Referral Hospital to await a checkup on his mental status to ascertain whether he can withstand trial or not.

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