• Wycliffe Omwenga's lifeless body was found in his bedroom and the house was locked from inside.

Kevin Omwenga
Kevin Omwenga

Police are looking for a woman said to be the last person to see the late Kevin Omwenga's brother, Wycliffe, alive before his death on Wednesday, July 21.

Wycliffe Omwenga's lifeless body was found dead in his home in Riruta with "few bloodstains".

He was found in his bedroom and the house was locked from inside.

Police said they are looking for an unidentified woman who was seen leaving the house late on Tuesday evening.

His uncle Kennedy Ongwae said they were yet to know the cause of the death of Wycliffe.

“As a family, we are in shock given the mysterious death of Wycliffe which has happened less than a year after his brother was brutally murdered. We are seeking answers from authorities,” Ongwae said.

He said he had talked to Wycliffe on the phone a day before his body was discovered in the house. The uncle had sent him to an insurance firm to undertake some transactions.

Kevin Omwenga was shot dead in his house at Galana Suites in Kilimani, Nairobi, in August last year.

Investigations showed Kevin was killed over a fake gold deal that he was to seal in Dubai. Gold dealer Chris Obure and his security guard Robert Bodo Ouko were arrested and charged with the murder.

They were released on bond.

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