• Well, Caroline opted for her own way out. She wrote her story and told it.

• To Kenya Police, I went through stress ...

Cliff Ombeta in court
Cliff Ombeta in court

Corporal Caroline Kangogo did not take lightly, comments by city lawyer Cliff Ombeta defending her from extrajudicial execution.

Caroline was on the run after she was suspected of a double homicide involving police constable John Ogweno and security consultant Peter Ndwiga.

Cliff advised the detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), to allow her to surrender to the detectives with an assurance of fair treatment.

He tweeted, "DCI, do this: Give her space to come in (surrender) assure her of fair treatment and access to justice. “Uncork” your weapons and bloodthirsty attitude so that we avoid extrajudicial killings.”

He added, "She definitely will have a story. Ask the public to avoid instant/mob justice if spotted.”

Well, Caroline opted for her own way out. She wrote her story and told it.

A kabambe phone in her possession had a draft message specifically thanking Cliff for coming to her defence. 

"I am Caroline Chemutai, the killer cop, thanks Mr Ombeta, I had a story to tell."

Adding, "Cheers Cliff Ombeta all the best."

In a series of text messages, Caroline detailed her grievances.

"To Kenya Police, I went through stress ...(Name withheld) put me through hell when I resisted sex...he couldn't understand my son's asthmatic condition, my  ulcer, always admitted in hospitals, I hope you are now happy."

She continued, "Depression is real, please assist those you know."

In another message, Caroline revealed that she had planned to commit a third murder but the love she had for her children prevented her from going through with her well-laid plans.

"... from Tuesday I was in Mombasa always saw you being dropped and picked. I wanted to kill you but sympathized with my kids. I forgave you. Hope you do the same."

On her burial plans, Caroline said she would love to be buried in her wedding dress.

"To my parents, I am requesting my body be cremated to end your suffering. Remember to take care of my children. For the thing in Kasarani hire movers for safe delivery, here nothing belongs to (Name withheld) for I started from scratch after leaving us."

And to her fans she wrote, "To my people, it's my wedding day dress me in a white gown that (name withheld) didn't afford."


Caroline's body is currently at Iten Hospital Mortuary after her lifeless body was discovered with a bullet wound in the head in a bathroom in her parent's home on July 16, 2021.

She had been on the run for close to a fortnight.