Janet Mbugua

Media personality Janet Mbugua recently welcomed her second baby through C section although she had opted for a normal delivery.

Janet Mbugua breastfeeding
Janet Mbugua breastfeeding

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Through her YouTube channel, Janet said that the surgery went well and five days after giving birth, she was discharged. But when she got, the Lifebuoy brand ambassador realized she had a very high fever and was forced to go back to hospital, where she was readmitted the same day she was discharged.

At 4 pm, I needed to take a nap, Mali needed to be nursed, Huru wanted to hang out. After Mali slept, I blacked out and woke up at 5pm. I was having a strange feeling, I was in pain and but I knew it wasn’t the C-section scars. by the time the evening rolled in at around 7pm and my system felt like it was shutting down. I was feeling so woozy and dizzy.


She added:

By 8:0pm I was catching a fever and that’s when I realized something was wrong. I was taken to hospital by Sheila (someone close to her) and i was shivering coz I had caught really a bad fever. Between 10 pm- 1am  they were trying to bring my fever done.

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After several tests, it turned out that her gallbladder had a problem and her doctor recommended a laparoscopy.

Laparoscopy is a surgery/operation performed in the abdomen or pelvis through small incisions with the aid of a camera.

Did urine and blood test. At 2 am, my gynecologist told me ‘you need to be readmitted because we don’t really don’t know what’s happening.’ After receiving the news, I had a meltdown.

Janet’s husband Edidie Ndichu was home with their kids and her parents.

My baby (Mali) was brought at 3:30 am. The following day on Sunday, I HAD JAUNDICE. I was itching and my eyes were yellow and I was like ‘what exactly is going on in my body…’ Jaundice spilled over to MONDAY AND THIS TIME IT WAS ACCOMPANIED BY A SHARP PAIN in the upper part of my abdomen. The doctor felt around and said the pain is coming from around my intentsines.

Janet Mbugua with her sons
Janet Mbugua with her sons

The mother of two revealed that she was in pain and her gallbladder was removed after spending two hours in theatre.

By Wednesday, the pain became too much to bear and couldn’t breathe. I went for an MRCP. The procedure is toucher. While I was being examined, the doctor told me ‘we can see gallstones in your system and that’s why making you have all that pain and that’s what had caused Jaundice. And it also looks like you’re having gallbladder has issues.

Janet Mbugua was surrounded by her family during that time and she was in their presence when the doctor told her that she should consider having her gallbladder removed.

I fasted from 9am -7pm before surgery. 7pm came and I started to get nervous because you never know how it will go. As I was about to be wheeled to theatre, I remember holding my newborn baby kissing him and crying. That was the first day I really cried. I was calling his name.

She went on to narrate the procedure, saying;

After two hours of surgery, I was just there praying telling God to help me. next time I woke was 3 am and was back in my bed. In the morning, two doctors who did the different procedures visited me to tell me how theoperations went. ‘They were able to decompress the sick organs.’ The second doctor told me we were able to remove the gallbladder and you’re fine.

Janet is recuperating and has employed a nurse to help her at home. She revealed that gallbladder is a lifestyle disease and also genetic. Gallbladder issues run in her family and her parents and relatives have had their gallbladders removed among them her father.

Mbugua’s revelations have left many sympathizing with her. Below is the video