Zari Hassan is the CEO to Brooklyn City College. This is just one of the properties that her ex and late husband Ivan Ssemwanga left for her.

Apart from that, she is a mother of five kids Quincy, Raphael, Pinto, Tiffah and Nillan.

Raphael, Pinto, Zari and Quincy
Raphael, Pinto, Zari and Quincy

Speaking exclusively to, the businesswoman described her typical day. You might think its a walk in the park but this girl is a workaholic.

 “My day usually starts at 5:00 Am and ends about 11:00 PM or midnight. When I get home Its the kids. When I get into my bed I always wanna do the emails that Id didn’t manage to do during the day or reply to my messages.”

she added:

“Being a CEO to the company is a lot of work because every decision depends on me. I’m cute but very smart, very intelligent. I’ve been blessed.”


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And yes, she knows she gats the looks. And the brains too!

“I always tell people I was created on the Seventh day. Its not easy to find beautiful women who are very smart at the same time. For me its such a blessing. I’m very proud of my myself.”

Here is the exclusive interview: