There is something I deeply treasured about being a child. Those days, I was sure that there would be a nice, warm meal but better still, there would be grandpa waiting with a beautiful story for us.

We looked forward to grandpa’s visits. He told me stories that I still narrate to this day.

For example, he taught me the importance of not over-eating. His best line was always “Enough is better than too much.” I miss him terribly.

I wonder if these nuggets of life are still passed on to little ones in our homes, whether over a meal, or when doing a chore, or when walking on the road.

I highly doubt, because days are incredibly busy, rushed and all that. It is worse with working lifestyles for many if not all mothers in this Kenya. Mothers are kicking hard at their jobs, businesses, everything, to provide a better day for their children.

Do they have time to share a word, a proverb, a story with their loved little ones? Well, your guess is a good as mine. I wouldn’t quite know but here is something exciting and indeed very beneficial to these little ones and their parents.

Stories For Life, a wonderful project by Geisha bathing soap will get those treasured moments back to parents and their children.

It is a fun collection of educational stories for little ones. Moms and everyone else, will get these stories all for free downloaded on their phones, as audio books. Just buy your Geisha, and all these stories will be waiting for you; How cool is that?

How it works

Purchase Geisha bar soap and dial the USSD number found inside the sticker along with the code. Your profile will be updated and the points will be redeemed.

Once this is done, you will be able to either listen to the audio files via IVR and select one of the six stories (2 minute edited versions). You can also download the stories and you get a bounce back SMS with a mobisite link.


You can also go straight to the mobisite and enter the on-pack sticker code. You can then redeem points and this will enable you to access the library of stories in two versions, the long and the short.

Through the Stories For Life six-part series of stories, mothers can read to their children easily. Get the Geisha Stories For Life free by downloading the set of stories from your phone from the site or dialling *436*2#