Finding the right man is a struggle most women go through during dating, and for that they do crazy things to attract their ‘Mr Right’.

Below are some of the crazy things women do to keep a man.

Visiting a witch doctor

We have heard or seen women who visit witch doctors so that their men bend to their every command.

That man will no longer be attracted in other women, he brings all his salary to his wife/girlfriend.

Whatever the wife says is final.

Male celebrities who were in the delivery rooms when their kids were born


Some women have the misconception that men live light skinned women.

So they go and bleach their skin and some end up looking like roasted plantains

There is nothing wrong with being dark skinned.

Tightening nunu

We all know that instead of working out and doing kegel exercises some women prefer creams and pills.

They put things inside their private parts to tighten it not for themselves but for the men they are going out with.

Bust and bottom enlargement

More and more women are enlarging different body parts in order to attract men.

Some end up regretting the decision due to health challenges while others end up losing their lives.

Women should learn to embrace their bodies and if they change anything about it, it should be for them.

What’s the most stupid thing you ever did to keep a man?