Otile Brown

Fresh off dedicating a song to Vera, Otile Brown has had to learn the hard way that he is not the only one who adores the socialite.

The star just unveiled a single named after Vera professing his love for her. If you haven’t heard it, ndio hii hapa.

Beside the song, Otile has shown how much he loves his woman.

But a male fan must have out done him. On Saturday night, an unidentified city man professed his love for the socialite infront of her BFF turned bae.

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Otile Brown and Vera SidikaOtile witnessed as the fan knelt and begged Vera to stop ad listen to him.

“babe I love you. I’m your biggest fan, let me say high. Woi ghai, I just want to say hi, I respect you. Usifunge [dirisha].”

The fan said knelling down.

Even when a uniformed police officer tried to push him away from the car to get the traffic going, the enthusiastic fan still clung to the car calling Vera’s name.

Watch the entire dramatic preposition here

This must have been awkward for Otile who was driving. Seeing his woman being showered praises by a strange man.

It takes a strong man. I say!

To show that he doesn’t mind his woman getting some groupie love, Otile said,

“My Baby is a star, girl. People be on her window side. like damn! you cannot recognise a brother.”

That must a stung his ego.

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In another post Otile said that vera has her “captivates” he has forgotten where he lives.

Otile confessed, “I love you Woman .. you’re just everything good .. and what got me more attracted to you is that you’re Sooo damn smart 🙆🏽‍♂️a pure genius .. trust me, I have come across different kinds of women, decent, boujee, saved, in the corporate world, but they can’t match your IQ, you’re just special.”

He continued, “Every sinner has a future and every Saint has a past. I have done things am not proud of but that does not define me, neither does your past define you, so I don’t care 🤷🏽‍♂️ what people think or say coz I know the real you…and I believe you and I can take over the world!!!” .

Vera branded Otile’s confessions as sweet.

Adding, “Kupendwa raha. Love you too moyo wangu.”

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