Angry and crazy girlfriend

Obsession is a nasty feeling.

A city woman who has turned stalker said, “I just moved into a compound and noticed that my ex lives downstairs with his wife…”

A city woman has confessed about how badly she treats her ex’s wife.

From stealing her shoes to staining and ripping her clothes when they are on the hanging line. She is crazed.

The city woman narrated, “I just moved into a compound and noticed that my ex lives downstairs with his wife, this is a guy that we lost contact long time ago after he got me pregnant and travelled out and I never heard from him again.

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We met and so excited to see him again, he comes to my flat once in a while to say hi, but I see myself liking him.

Do you know that every night I go to his door or window to go and hear how he makes love to his wife, I will be so upset on how she screams like a mad goat. She can’t even arrange herself. I know he has a big dick and I miss it so much. I hate his wife so much, if she spreads her clothes I will go and tear them and hang them back. Sometimes I rub it red oil, I just hate her. Sometimes I take her foot wear outside and throw them in the dust bin. I even sometimes cut the generator wire just to keep them in darkness or pour water inside their fuel tank. I just see myself being wicked.

I am a very nice person, but I don’t know what is happening to me. I can’t pack out of the compound because my husband to be got the place because we are getting married soon. How can I be living with my ex, next door? I know I will f*ck him soon, how can I avoid this? I just collected one leg of his wives shoes, it looks expensive tho. Help I am becoming wicked.”

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She was advised by several netizens to move out. here are other ideas on how she can solve her problem.

karenkingsplace: You’re crazy, you better tell your husband to be so you all can pack out to avoid stories that touch

quintivity: Your karma will be worse. Make up an excuse and leave that flat. Stop acting like Nollywood 2004

counselmee: Dear poster, I suggest you open up to your fiance, let him know about your ex that stays in the same compound with you, and find a way to move out as soon as possible, maybe after the expiration of the rent. You need to understand he doesn’t love you from when you were together before he travelled because he would have kept in touch, also see you at his return but he didn’t. Your attitude towards the wife needs to change because she wasn’t in the picture or the reason for your breakup. Imagine your fiancé’s ex doing same to you, am sure you will feel very bad. Watch your actions before you get to do what you will regret, control your emotions, keep in mind how your fiance will feel if he gets to know about your mischievous acts. Focus all your feelings to your husband to be. Try to be the good girl you were.

mmaikeogu: You are wicked, no wickedly stupid. Don’t get it twisted…. You are not nice.

ogesfashion: This is serious 1 try talk to ur husband about it, unless that wickedness will destroy you 2 my mom told me that my ex is a used tissue paper I used to clean my butt not matter ow fine good looking cute and soft the tissue is I still have to flush it.

temitope_adeolu: I think i understand why. You were hurt so much for the fact that he got you pregnant and you both lost contacts but what you are doing isn’t fair oooo. The best is to explain to your husband to be and you guys should move out of that appointment now before you ruin your fellow woman’s marriage. Remember, karma has its own way of coming back. Goodluck poster.

iamugochinyere: You are so bitter and there’s so much venom in ur veins. You need to get rid of all that negative energy. Just move out of the place. You can’t continue hurting urself. Because eventually they are still happily married and u are becoming twisted n crazy.

busybee_y: But why? What has she done to you to deserve all this pain that you’re putting her through? You are a big-time enemy, the man needs to run away from you. The way you are acting you can even kill the woman, God is watching you have that at the back of your mind.

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