Lawyer Edwin Wawire and resident magistrate Diana Wikunza Milimu

Lawyer Edwin Wawire has disowned a magistrate who claims to be his wife, accusing her of being deeply entrenched in cultism, witchcraft, black magic and satanism.

He also claims Eldoret resident magistrate Diana Wikunza Milimu entertained old men who performed rituals on her while she was naked.

He says she was trying to poison him slowly.

At issue is the property that Milimu claims part of; he sold it without her consent, she says.

If the court decides they were legally married, she gets a share.

“I deny ever being married to the applicant as she was a jaywalker and certified gold digger who happened to use her charms to bait me,” Wawire says in his replying affidavit to Milimu.

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Milimu moved to court on October 3, seeking orders to halt the sale of a half-acre developed plot on the outskirts of Kakamega town. She called it matrimonial property they acquired together as husband and wife through contributions.

She says she was legally married to Wawire and they have a daughter.

They also jointly developed the land by building a modern bungalow and the lawyer had paid dowry to her parents, she said.

Milimu said her ‘husband’ had acted unlawfully by entering into a sale agreement and eventually selling the land without involving her or her family. She asked the court to cancel the title deed.

Wawire says he invited Milimu to keep him company in his house and denies she contributed towards the acquisition of the property.

“I admit that at a certain part of 2012, I befriended the applicant but our relationship was neither exclusive nor intended to be permanent in nature,” the lawyer said.

He says she was a second-year student at Moi University and he greatly helped her financially like any other well-wisher.

“She voluntarily opted to move out of my property in July 2015, when I confronted her about her habit of bringing different men to my house and she has never come back.

“I came to learn that the applicant had been slowly administering toxic and poisonous substances in my meals and drinks with a view of killing me slowly and without raising suspicion,” he says in his affidavit.

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Kakamega senior principal magistrate Dolphine Alego, who issued Milimu with orders, recused herself on Wednesday after Wawire on October 6 wrote to the Judicial Service Commission, saying she was a close friend of Milimu.

The case will now be handled by Kakamega chief magistrate Bildad Ochieng. The hearing is on November 6.

Wawire dismisses a purported ‘Dowry Agreement’ dated August 18, 2012, filed in court as evidence of a strange document to him since, although bearing his name, it does not have his signature.

In the document, Wawire is said to have given six head of cattle and Sh50,000 in cash to Milimu’s parents.

“After being employed by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), she thought she had conquered the world and started treating me with a lot of contempt,” he says.

Wawire denied ever siring a child with Milimu.

He further dismissed a birth certificate for the alleged daughter as inadequate proof of paternity given the morals of the plaintiff. He said he never consented to having his name included in the document saying he’s the father.

The Star/ Hilton Otenyo