We all have a past. It always plays a role in who we are today.

Gospel singer Lady Bee has confessed that her past is far behind her.

Lady Bee shares her testimony of how she was a weed junkie.

“Hapa nilikua nimejipulizia uuwiiii???This was somewhere hapo Athi with my friend Njau ?You know I like sharing my testimony because I know many are in the same situation today and don’t know how to come out of it..I started smoking weed like a joke,just for fun,to look cool yaani nisikae falaa??” she said.

Lady Bee

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She continued, “To become an addict you start with one puff kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba as they say, when you come to realise it’s too late yet you can’t even admit you are an addict??. You can be an addict of so many things, sex, porn, masturbation, drugs, lies, eating etc but the amazing things is when you know it and accept it you’ll find help it’s never too late?. But when you try to defend yourself hehehe.”

“I remember sometimes my friends used to tell me punguza ndom utafyatu but I was like aaaah siezi na si ati mi ni addict but sad part was I couldn’t do anything without smoking ata puff tuu ntachangamka but kuchamgamka ama kuyoyoma??I thank Jesus today I am free and free indeed, I can do all thing through Christ who strengths me, I am no longer a slave of sin I’m a child of God?????Halleluyah nakumbuka nilijaribu Gox siku moja ???Waaa nilikua nashikia roho mbele kwa mbele that is a story for another day???.”

She concluded, “My friends no one is perfect only Christ and because He’s perfect, He perfects the imperfect, He wants you to just come as you are.

He’ll make you a new creation whatever addiction the name of Jesus is above every other name, receive salvation, freedom, restoration in Jesus mighty name..May you be set free, may His blood speak better upon your life and may you testify what the Lord has done? Nothing is too hard for our Lord #SalvationForAll #HiloJina.”

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Here is Lady Bee now, after changing her life for the better.

Lady Bee Lady Bee Lady Bee Lady Bee Lady Bee