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Now that the dust has settled on the whole 24-hour marriage between Eunice Njeri and Ado Bukasa a.k.a Rapper Izzo. Pundits are asking, does Izzo have the right to sue Eunice for emotional distress or is there a possibility of the couple, errr, whoops, non-couple to face immigration fraud investigations?

Eunice said,”I do” in Texas and a few hours later she was on a flight back to Nairobi. She hasn’t gone back to be with her hubby since. Here are the strange details of her wedding day.

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We asked our source in Texas if there is any chance Izzo and Eunice would reconcile.

“Izzo still loves her. Saw him in church and he was just sitting by himself in a corner. Not sure how they can reconcile after all this but maybe he has it in him,” the source said.

The source who requested anonymity explained the intricacies of the whole ‘annulment’ and how it relates to immigration.

“The incident would not lead to fraud investigations since there was no attempt to obtain any immigration benefits. She would have had to make and attempt to submit an immigration form of any kind. Now, if she obtained a visa prior to coming here and getting married, she better not have lied on the application forms. Depending on what visa she applied for, she may have provided false information to the US Embassy. That would give her some problems when applying in future. This all depends on what visa she applied for. Normally, if a US citizen wants a fiance to come here and they get married, they would apply for a fiance visa which means you have to get married withing 90 days. I don’t know Izzo’s status so I don’t know whether he got one or not. So, all in all, if she gave false information on her application, then she may have issues as getting married here means she attempted to stay and that might be contrary to the info in her application,” the source explained.

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