Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown lit up social media when they took a trip to Mauritius. The two who have been the “it” celeb couple have filled pages with their exploits. From taking HIV tests together to Otile helping launch her exquisite beauty parlor.

Vera and Otile

The two have been inseparable with even the word marriage been liberally thrown around. And it seems like they legitimately enjoy hanging out together with the trip they took to the Indian Ocean island nation, known for its beaches and lagoons.

Vera Sidika

The two were sponsored by Bonfire Adventures but we here at did a quick crunch of the numbers to see what it would cost for our reader?

The exotic hotel
The exotic hotel/

The formula is simple: The plane ticket plus the cost of the hotel room for two days and any other incidentals.

So the a round-trip plane ticket from Kenya to Mauritius costs on average 888 dollars. But because the Mpasho reader loves the good life and is aspirational, we will go with the most expensive ticket. It costs 1285 dollars or 129,605 shillings.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown
Vera Sidika and Otile Brown on a flight enroute Mauritius

So for two it would cost 259210 shillings.

Ticket prices
Ticket prices/farecompare

The hotel they stayed at is called the five-star hotel, Long Beach Mauritius. The two stayed in the executive rooms.

The price for two days assuming you visit the island on the weekend is 67,659 shillings.

The hotel prices
The hotel prices/

Then add on the incidental costs that come with visiting the beachfront restaurants, the swanky spa along with other attractions. Just from a rough guesstimate it would cost at least 50,000 shillings minimum for the out of pocket costs.

So to the total comes to, Drum-roll please: 376,869 shillings. A pretty penny for a beautiful vacation.

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