corazon kwamboka nipples

Corazon Kwamboka is one of the sexiest lasses about town. The trollop is smart to boot -being an advocate (or is it lawyer? All I know is that she passed the bar).

And she is constantly gallivanting across the globe courtesy of shady sponsors business ventures. She is currently in Atlanta Georgia in America enjoying everything the current sponsor State has to offer. And while living it up in the lap of luxury, she took to social media to show off her watch.

To be entirely honest, I do not doubt that she can afford the watch because she already owns a home or two and her own father has come out to say his daughter’s lifestyle is being funded by her flesh:


SHAME! Corazon Kwamboka’s Alleged Father Comes Forward Asking, “Where Do You Get Your Money From?”

But wherever she gets her money from, the fact still remains that she enjoys an opulent plifestyle complete with a majestic tachymetre which you can check out below:

corazon kwamboka new watch

One comment however caught my eyes:

  • theworldbestkeptsecret Idk looks suspect. The wristbands/straps looking alil odd. Normally the watch bands fit. Either it’s not ur watch or it’s a fake. I never seen the wristbands look like that. But most pple do show the box and paperwork when stunting.

Phillipe Patek Nautilus


Do you think the watch is hers?