Frankie and Corazon

Things seem to be getting murkier between Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka and her baby daddy’s ex wife Maureen Waititu.

This was after Maureen responded to allegations that she has denied Frankie access to his kids.

‘Long social media posts don’t feed your kids’ Maureen Waititu to Frankie

Coming to the defense of her man, Kwamboka now says Maureen is just bitter because she sired a child with her ex Frankie.

Talking to her Insta stories Corazon ranted

‘Only a sick person can insult a baby calling him a name so despicable I can’t even talk just because I had him with their ex.

One day I’ll open my mouth.

Drove me out of my own house out of fear.

I had to leave a house I bought with my own sweat to go into hiding because sister was driving to my house at midnight trying to I don’t know do what to me!’

In another she pens

‘Don’t live for the cheers, you won’t die by their boos.
People get too invested in other people’s lives like it pays.’

Below are the screenshots.



Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans who don’t think Maureen is able to do the things Corazon is accusing her of.

ivypirelli: When did mo come to your house at night yet tumekuwa na curfew mwaka mzima😂😂,wacha kutubeba nani.

gchebett: Usijali Tanasha alitetea diamond hivi… Na it ended in premium tears.. My girl that fight is between mo and Frankie not you. whatever has been done to MO ngoja yako double.

christinawangare: Be aware of dead beats. A man who chases his kids out of a house and give them a one month notice is toxic. He is a man full of venom.

Tell him to man up and stop bringing family issues on social media. If he is chasing clout. Let him not involve Maureen. Another thing. Dead beats are vicious.

Take note of this red flags. You might not agree with me right now. But no one knows what the future holds.. Hizi ni red flags unapewa. But it’s really hard to advise a woman in love. So I have to leave my comment here. It’s up to you. The final decision ni yako.

mrs.chisenti: It seems you never learn from these relationships.

In your previous relationship you basically called yourself a slave to your white boyfriend and he still dumped you😂😂😂….

 Now you are defending a deadbeat; this too will end terribly! Why are you fighting battles that ain’t yours?
The war is between them, when are you gonna learn baby girl? 😂