Her life changed a week ago when inappropriate photos of her made rounds on social media shocking the nation. The girl who was hiding four rolls of bhang in her innerwear has been convicted to eighteen months of probation.

High School Students Behaving Badly In A Matatu (AUDIO)

Her probation officer reported that prior to the offense, the student had been of good conduct and that she had shown remorse for the offense which contributed to the somewhat soft sentence. I asked the Mpasho team what they thought of the sentencing and this is what they had to say.

LIST OF SHAME!! These Were The First People To Leak Photos Of School Girls Hiding Drugs in Their Private Parts

“I think its enough because they don’t want to stop her education. Plus, she has learned her lesson. In our days, guys who got suspended or expelled turned out okay.”

“It is enough but what they should have done is take her to rehab.”

“i agree. they should have taken her to rehab and she should also be given psycho-social help. What happened to the other students who were with her in the bus? they should also be taken to rehab and given help.”

What do you think? Do you think the probation sentence is enough? Furthermore, what really happened to the other students?