KQ Maiden Flight
KQ Maiden Flight

It was trending last night and this morning. Kenyans on twitter seem to be a bunch of “know-it-all” folks. After reading tweets from the hashtag #KQNBONYC, you quickly realize that a lot of people don’t even know what was happening about the maiden flight by Kenya Airways. Direct means non-stop, right? Wrong. This confusion is common because “direct” is one of the most misused terms in modern travel.

Here’s a quick one to clarify things.

A direct flight and a non-stop flight are not the same thing.

A nonstop flight does as its name suggests: flies from one airport to another without stopping.

A direct flight, on the other hand, makes stops along the way. Often, passengers traveling on direct flights make a stop at a midpoint airport and remain seated on the plane while some passengers exit and others board.

Hii ya KQ ilikuwa gani?

Worth repeating that direct and non-stop flights are often used interchangeably but they’re not the same. Now that the plane has touched down, here’s confirming to you that the flight to New York was non-stop.

Tell it to your friends and neighbors who don’t seem to understand. It was not a direct flight.