Controversial social media “king” Xtian Dela was arrested on Thursday after he was caught filming inside the Sarit Centre mall in Westlands, Nairobi.

According to the popular vlogger, he was at the mall for a meeting with an unidentified person.

He said that after the other person got late, he decided to video blog (vlogging) himself while inside the popular uptown shopping mall.

However, Xtian Dela didn’t make it through the security check as he was apprehended by hawk-eyed police officers who wanted to understand his reasons for taking a video of the mall.

“VLOGGING is NOT Illegal! VLOGGING should NOT be banned in Malls!! We are promoting Business and getting guys to Shop at the Malls!” he wrote on his YouTube channel.

His phone and camera were also confiscated.

He was later released and handed back his phone and camera, after Kenyans rallied after his release.

Wyter wrote:

“I cannot believe how backward minded these guys normally are. Generally they say you need to have some sort of a permit to take photos/videos. It has been so since post-westage mall stuff. Most malls have smacked no photography/video posters at the entrances and they do not seem to get it that it is at their peril. Even in regular stores, I for once had my phone taken away by some security guy at Jade collections when I tried to take a pic of a piece of cloth. Another Kenyan Vlogger, Rikkie, just recently faced a similar thing at Garden city. You’re giving free marketing to these guys and they are so dense to notice. Look at the likes of Casey, Mo Vlogs, etc, they basically market everywhere they go…sorry bruh though… Change is coming.”

Watch the video below: