A controversial African pastor has left many disgusted after asking members of his congregation to drink water in which he had ‘bathed’ in.

In a video doing rounds online, the man of God is seen emerged in a blue drum from he emerges several times.

What is contraband? Was Jowie caught with this?

White buckets are seen arranged near the drum.

Nigerian pastor makes his congregants drink water he has 'bathed in'
Nigerian pastor makes his congregants drink water he has ‘bathed in’
Nigerian pastor

Immediately the man of God emerges from the drum. He speaks and members are heard shouting “Amen”.

He then picks a mug from an ‘usher’ who is standing near him, fetches some water from the drum using the pink cup while he is still inside it and gives it to a man to drink.

The man meekly drinks it and goes back to his seat.

Within minutes other church members are seen lining up to receive ‘the holy water’.

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Below are some of the reactions

bee27_: Ewwwwwww and d man has even urinated inside the water ohhh. It’s really a bedtime church.

walterleon___:Jesus… na wa ooh… and they are even singing a worship song. God!!!.

beulahkech: Demonic pastors everywhere.

saylawcharles: stupidity, religious slavery ought to have stopped with all the awareness in today’s world, why are people still being improvised by these criminals all in the name of Pastoral tendencies.

tutuwintus: Absolute Madness. Smh 🤦‍♂️.

Below is the entire video.

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