400m hurdles champion Nicholas Bett’s widow Brenda Cheruto is yet to come to terms with his death.

Bett passed away leaving behind two widows and children though Brenda (the second wife) was not recognized despite being the one better known to the public. She was unfortunately blocked by her partner’s family from burying him.

Nicholas Bett

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The athlete and Brenda were blessed with a beautiful daughter named Kylie and their social media pages were filled with photos of what we can only assume was a happy family.

Brenda and Nicholas Bett
Brenda and Nicholas Bett with their daughter Kylie

Brenda who’s always sharing emotional posts about her late husband, recently penned a letter to him, which moved many. She wrote;

Continue to Rest In Peace until we meet again
I love you so much . We miss you, the emptiness in me in Kylie’s. You always wanted me to be in the field and now I’m working on it babe …, everything you and madam lrma Reyneke taught me
..you soo prepared me for this and I’m grateful
I promise to get it done/ fulfill it honey
Because you did not leave a coward woman behind
She’s getting things done despite crying and walking with a empty heart behind closed and opens doors.

The mother of one was deeply in love with her man.  Reactions to the post included:

Denniz Kiptoo Rodriguez Continue resting in peace Arap Bett

Chesh Bebz Evarh Tirop May his soul rest in eternal peace

Elphaz De Perfect The power in you is indomitable! You have our support my sister! Aririririr, aria wee inyee amemuu lakok!!! I see the importance of marrying a kalenjin woman!!! God will guide you lovely sister

Sharon Komen It’s well dear. Continue being strong mama

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 Challotte Kosgey God is in control dear, may he continue rip

Winnie Rose It’s well dear..God will open the closed doors. We don’t know about tomorrow

Eliud Kitur I know the pain of losing a loved one, God is with you, remembering him is what makes you to be strong and move forward, you loved him but God loved him more, relax my friend as years pass God has good plans for you.

Nicholas Bett
Nicholas Bett

Vincent Changwony Trust in God and in His ways, with time your loss will become the strength you need to keep going

Ev Pauline Bor Cheru I really feel what you are going through, I wish I had powers over this monster called death. Anyway let him RIP and be strong gal

Nicholas Bett was involved in a grisly accident last year in August and he died on the spot. He perished barely 24 hours after representing the country at a competition in Asaba, Nigeria

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