It’s so sad to see the woman who was once the pride of the nation suffer. Conjestina Achieng’ popularly known as Conje has been reduced to a mere “village boxer”. The unsung hero is nowhere on the world map even the government which used to shower her with praises has left her to the dogs. Who is going to save Conjestina?


From Rags To Riches And Back To Rags: Who Will Save Conjestina Achieng?

The former boxer who became the first African woman to hold an international title when she beat Ugandan Fiona Tugume to take the vacant WIBF middleweight title appears to be sinking into oblivion and no one seems to be bothered about it, whereas back in the day she was a darling of the masses. Conjestina developed mental illness and was forced to go back to her parents’ place in the village yet they had nothing there to motivate this active sports woman. The passionate boxer was then reduced to a beggar, drinking cheap alcohol and even picking petty fights with people in the village who beat her up leaving her for dead back in November last year.

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The family then took her to a rehabilitation centre in Kisumu but Conjestina recently fled the rehab and travelled back home to Yala where she is said to be causing havoc.