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You may have heard about the Kenyan film that was shot entirely on a Smartphone. Well, the main actress – Ann Mitu – has an inspiring life story to tell. Many are the times when we lose our loved ones during the most crucial moments of our lives, but Ann’s case is pretty sad. The actress was born today 24 years ago. Life for her was quite okay back in 2012 when she woke up to celebrate her birthday, only to find out that the love of her life has passed away.

She was left with a baby to raise on her own. Ann did not give up on life. She has since embraced acting as her major source of income. The Mathare slums – raised mother of one has acted in Shujaaz, a program which highlights the lives of young people in the streets especially the slums. Shujaaz has won two Emmy Awards; the 2012 & 2014 International Digital Emmy Award for Children & Young People.

This year, she was the main star in Jongo Love, a film that has attracted international attention because of the Smartphone recording factor. Ann was featured on BBC, London Times and other global outlets.

Ann Mitu: My Passion For Acting Is Extreme [Interview]

“Almost 4 years down the line am not sure if I should celebrate my birthday. But one thing am sure about is that am not giving up on life anytime soon. I have teenagers to mold and young mothers to inspire and equip,” she humble thespian revealed.

“Btw this is what I want for my birthday: A space where I can put up a rescue center for young mothers and teenagers who are forced into early marriage. I have a few young mothers who have been chased away by their parents for being pregnant,” she said.

Well, from her determination and the choice of life projects, I can tell that she will be the next big actress in the country, her life story being a great inspiration. We wish Ann a happy birthday and strength to celebrate her hubby’s life.

Watch the movie Jongo Love below: