Sanaipei Tande is one of the most talented artistes in the country.

Blessed with a golden voice, Sanaipei’s music is listened to by all and any age group alike. She has ageless music.

Her experience from being in the music industry for 15 years has paid off.

Many of her peers have faded away into insignificance but she has managed to stay relevant.

Sanaipei Tande
With a visible tummy bulge

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Sanaipei, who ventured into the music industry at 19, in an interview on 10 Over10 admitted that the journey hasn’t been easy.

when I first started out in the industry at 19, there were things that were written about me that affected me so much. And the media doesn’t realize that they’re affecting people’s lives. with what they publish.


when you read about me when I was 19 you’ll probably believe what you read. Maybe it wasn’t true but you believe it because media wrote it to you. So media has to understand that they have a responsibility to report the right things.

Sanaipei Tande

She further said;

I had to develop a tough skin and said ‘you know what, you write what you want.’ I told myself, if media won’t do it for me, then I have to do it for myself. Then I have to learn how not to let things affect me if they’re not true. The people who matter to me, are the people who know the truth.

Tande has been an easy target by trolls. She has been body shamed severally on social media. But she advises that to defeat trolls you have to ignore their comments.

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She has released a new song Sima Imara and during the interview, she said the song is about;

Being confident and comfortable in who you are. Forget about everybody else and what they say about you.

The Amina hitmaker advised young women out there going through things she has gone through to;

Find out who you are, what matters to you then it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. Find out who is important to you.

She continued;

For me, I know my mum, dad, brother, sister-in-law, nephew are important to me. Find out whose opinion matters and forget about the world. So for me, my parents matter that’s why I never compromise on my character because of my music. If it means I lose my respect, let me lose my music.

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