Gospel singer Bahati is currently riding high with his latest song, “Kuchu Kuchu” which features rapper King Kaka and Wyre. Awhile back, I had an interview with him in which he revealed many things that his fans don’t know about him.

When it came to opening up about his most embarrassing moment, he gave me a retrospect of when he was in class 4 while studying in Mathare, where he grew up.

“Unajua me nikiwa shule, nikiwa class four tulitolewa shule ya ghetto tukapelekwa shule ya mabarbie kidogo lakini bado iko Mathare,” he confessed. There was a sponsor who had taken them from his former school to a “higher grade school.”

“So, venye tulipelekwa hii shule, tulikuwa na streams mbili. So kumbe class yetu ulikuwa ya madanda, na tulikuwa tumejikaza. I was number one in that class,” the “Kuchukuchu” singer revealed.

During the end of term, he was excited that he had topped the class and invited his brother and guarding to witness his award winning ceremony.

“Niliita guardian, my bro…nikawashow I’ll be receiving gifts…kama vitabu hivi mbele ya wazazi. Nilingoja…number one akaitwa, number two…hehehe!,” Bahati cracked up. He said that there were other awards, for example for the cleanest boy – in which he was sure he would never win.


He says that on the prize giving day, he expected to be called to the podium to receive a gift but to his shock, it did not happen!

Bahati realized that he was position 60 in class during that term. That’s when he sheepishly coiled back, glanced at his brother who was drinking Soda and expectantly waiting on him to be awarded. He says that it was his most embarrassing moment in life.

The singer has since become the best in the gospel scene, much credit to his humility and kindness to fans and supporters.

He is currently running the “Kuchu Kuchu” challenge on Instagram, where fans are uploading videos of themselves dancing to the catchy tune. Despite all the hurdles in life, he is now the Safaricom Facebook Page ambassador and drives a high end car, a Mercedes Benz.