Jalang’o has been making major moves since he left Hot 96.


He joined his radio bestie Alex Mwakideu at Milele FM then he got the chance to MC during the time Obama made his way to the 254.

Moving to Milele has seemingly increased his fan base. Just recently when Jalang’o and Mwakideu went to Kisumu for a tour, they were talking about how women are demanding so much from sponsors especially when they have the guy’s child.

This was after the story of a lady who asked her sponsor, an MP in Kisumu to pay WI-FI and to buy her a TV then his baby mama asked him for ksh 240,000 for upkeep.

For Jalang’o the only way to avoid all this to strap up. Just use a condom to avoid all this.


Well despite the fact that he advises men to strap up, he says its the most difficult thing to ask for especially because most times you do not buy a condom with anything else.

Condom is the hardest thing to buy. hakuna mwanamume anaweza enda kwa chemist aseme nipatie condom mbili!

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Its even harder for a mheshimiwa to go to a chemist and ask for a condom because the world knows he has a wife, how do you the purchase that?

You heard it from the boss man, Jalas, just strap up!

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