The interwebs went wild when they spotted what looked like a used condom on the set of Rayvanny’s new music video, ‘I Love You’.

Gossip pundits speculated that Rayvanny must have stepped out on his wife, Fahyma with his video vixen during the shoot on the steamy hot music video.

Rayvanny Nana

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Now, the star’s estranged wife has come out to speak about it. In an interview with Lil Ommy, Fahyma said,


‘As I said before, I will not talk much about my relationship with the father of my child. When the right time comes I’ll speak up. I need time to process this. I do not want to talk about it because it still hurts,’ Fayvanny started

Asked if she broke it off with Rayvanny over infidelity, she said,


‘No. We have other personal issues, Nana has nothing to do with our split. We have problems and they can be solved but there are other problems. you need to take a break to be able to handle them.’

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Rayvanny in a rant took to social media claiming Fahyma wanted a life that he could not afford. She defended herself saying,

‘It is not true. but there is a problem and we are fixing it. For now, we are not together and I can not tell when we will be back together,’ Adding, ‘No, I have not unfollowed the father of my child. I have never unfollowed him. I believe in life there is a lot of misunderstanding even in a relationship. Days will come when you’re angry and you can do anything which might then lead to regret. Your partner may have done you wrong and in the midst of trying to fix it, you then end up going overboard.’

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Rayvanny Nana fahimaFahyma showed how mature she is in dealing with strife. Instead of trash talking her ex, she bigged him up for helping her grow her brand.

‘He has taught me a lot and without him, I wouldn’t be where I am. We can not be perfect all the time but I believe we will go past this. I had no beef with her, we broke up with her man for other reasons then her story came later on.’

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