4. Victoria Rubadiri

Con men are becoming tech savvy. They will talk you into sending them your life savings and before you know it, you have.

MAFISI POLL: Between Betty Kyallo And Victoria Rubadiri Who Is HOTTER (VOTE)

One such con man tried to get fans of TV girl, Victoria Rubadiri to fork out cash under the pretense that it is for charity.

Victoria is loved for being a very relatable news anchor and it doesn’t hurt that she is a stunning screen siren. She is known for her work in mentorship and various charitable organisations that help the girl child.

The TV girl is so real and down to earth, she once wrote on her Instagram, “Just before news highlights on some random Friday. @festolang caught me in the zone. Those moments when you think no one is watching, just before everyone is watching ????. Got me pondering about the moments we think no one sees. How do we carry ourselves? ????Would we put those moments on social media for the world to see? Celebrate them, parade them, be proud of them? I have a very public job, so even when I think noone is looking, they probably are. ????

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She continued, “Even more pressure to keep up appearances, right? Wrong! That’s too much pressure to try to live a life above reproach for other imperfect beings. Plus, after a while that gets old, really old and you get tired of the act. There’s only One worth my good behavior. ????So, genuine moments like this, when I’m going about my business, before my director screams, ‘On air!,’ ???? I really appreciate. The moments outside of the limelight and behind the camera, matter way more than a primetime slot. Striving to be a better human being in all areas of my life, public or private, is what I aspire to. So here’s to the quiet moments when ‘no one is looking’ ????and to being and doing better.”

How deep is that?

Anyhow, back to the conman issue, Victoria Rubadiri warned her fans.

“My attention has been drawn to individuals using my name or likeness to solicit funds for various causes that I am not connected to. Please note, anything that I publicly announce or associate with, will be on my official social media accounts. Anything that is not on the social media accounts listed below or endorsed by me on a reputable social media account or website, should be disregarded,” she wrote on all he social media.

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