These past few days have been hectic for Churchill show founder Daniel Ndambuki after one of his comedians known as Kasee passed away.

Although the exact cause of death has not been established the one thing that is clear is that he was battling depression at some point.

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His death saw Churchill comedians Zeddy and Sleepy David go for each others neck in public exposing the ‘dirty laundry’ of the dramatic things going on behind the scene.

Among them is allegations of Victor Ber favoring his wife, Teacher Wanjiku, against other female comedians.

Below are reasons why I feel that people should cut Churchill Ndambuki some slack.

  1. He has given them a platform to grow

Let’s all be honest were it not for Churchill we would never have known they exist. He chose to believe in them when no one else dared to do so.

2. Some of the comedians have jokes more dry than the Kalahari desert

It would not make any sense to retain comedians whose jokes do not get people laughing, after all it is a comedy show. Right?

If you have been given many chances and you still can’t make Kenyans laugh Churchill and his management have the right to deny you a chance to perform.

What they should do is tell you in advance on why you can’t perform.

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3. People should learn to understand that Churchill owes them nothing

Hii Nairobi si ya mama ya mtu.

Take the opportunity to learn when given a chance and the spread your wings like Eric Omondi did.

So what if Churchill pays comedians Ksh 20,000 per show? Did you have that kind of money before?

If comedy is not paying enough find a side hustle and spare us the drama. People should drop the attitude of expecting too much from people.

He has taken many years, lots of tears and sweat to be where he is.

4. Fighting depression should be a combined effort

Time and time again we have heard people say ‘Ooh Churchill is leading his comedians to depression, how?

Yes he has his weaknesses but what is the family, friends and the society in general doing to help the person get out of depression.

How do people come to the conclusion that it’s Churchill? What if the person is going through problems in the family or marriage?

Depression is bad and no one should go through it, but blaming other people for your problems? Come on!

Comedy ikikukataa accept and move on.

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