Popular comedian Sleepy David has come out to defend Godfather of comedy Daniel Churchill Ndambuki on allegations that he doesn’t pay comedians well.

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Speaking exclusively to Mpasho.co.ke, Sleepy said,

Churchill comedians are the highest paid in the industry. He [Churchill] pays Sh20,000 per show, that is if you feature on the main show. But for those who perform live during the recording and don’t make it to the main show are paid Ksh5,000 for transport.

He added that,

Recently some comedians were busy tweeting how Churchill owes them, they were paid and now they are silent. Have you heard or seen any of them say they’ve been paid?

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Sleepy David said everyone has a different relationship with Churchill and as for him, he’s like his big brother and mentor. Addressing rumour that the king of comedy mistreats comedians, Sleepy said,

Whenever a comedian gets a gig and makes money, Churchill doesn’t ask for any percentage. Your money is yours. 

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