Churchill Show comedian YY – real name Oliver Otieno – says he sunk into depression after losing his unborn baby four years ago.

“I had a lot of expectations and I was so excited but the excitement was cut short in a manner I did not expect,” Comedian YY told Word Is on Tuesday.

He said the hospital was reluctant to attend to his girlfriend. “We went to the labour ward but the doctors recommended she has a Caesarian section. I went to book [for one] but they said the theatre was full,” YY said.

His girlfriend’s condition worsened and eventually, they decided to save the mother.

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The couple later parted ways and YY is doing well now.”Unfortunately, she is no longer in my life but I am dating again.”

On Father’s Day, YY celebrated himself as a dad on Instagram saying, “Happy Father’s Day To Me…my late daughter would be four years old today but everything happens for a Reason.”

The comedian said he has learnt to be positive, despite the tragedy.

“Sometimes we question what happens but it may be a blessing or even could be a lesson that God wants us to learn from those particular situations. I took it as a lesson and although I endured the pain for a while, it made me a better person and I am now able to accept things as they come.”

– The Star