Terence Creative

Comedian Terence Creative has admitted he cheated on his wife and that he is yet to discuss the details with Milly Chebby about it.

He opened up about having an affair saying, “Yes, I did it. And through it, I have learned my lesson.”

It seems they have not walked past the infidelity because Terrence added, “Milly and I will talk about it someday.”

He, however, denied they are getting a divorce.

Instead of taking responsibility for his decisions Terrence blamed the devil saying, “Shetani hukuja kwa njia mingi ashinkwa kabisa. Aki sitarudia tena.”

‘I used to snatch bags from people,’ former street kid Terence Creative talks about his tough life

Check out what he wrote.

Terence has an affair and even shot a sex tape with the babe in question.

His wife got wind of it and that is when ishhhhh hit the fan.

Read about the sex tape in the link below.

Details of the zeggx tape recorded of Comedian Terence Creative’s lover