Njugush with family
Njugush with family

Comedian Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda are a perfect match made in heaven. They compliment each other.

Comedian Njugush
Comedian Njugush with wife and son

Njugush, one of the most talented brains around, is milking money from top company’s and he’s among the few who’ve managed to remain relevant in the flooded entertainment industry.

Apart from comedy, Njugush is a loving husband and father.

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Just like other relationships, the comedian’s path has been not smooth. In a recent radio interview, he opened up about the things he dislikes about his wife and he said that his wife’s habit of waking up and making noise early in the morning really pisses him off.

Mimi kitu huwa inaniudhi ni akiamka asubuhi. Mimi nikiamka huwa naamka niki tip toe. Yeye akiamka hawezi amka polepole na saa hizo hana kitu ya maana anaenda kufanya. She then turns on all the lights including those of the balcony, which she doesn’t even need.

He added;

I have to travel with the family even where I’m not supposed to because of my son. I’m always not settled when I am not spending time with him.

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