Mammito pregnant

Mammito has vehemently denied that she is in a relationship with fellow comedian, Eddie Butita.

Fans have shown great interest in their love life. to a point where Eddie had to com out and explain if they is forking or nah!

Why hasn’t she done so herself but that is another story for another day? When we called him for a comment he said:

“Nyinyi ndiye mliandika hiyo stori. You wrote it on your blog, showing that you know better. Lakini hana ball. Mammito hana ball, hiyo ni stori yenu.”

Eunice Mammito
Eunice Mammito and Eddie Butita. photo credit: file

When we enquired about the nature of their relationship, he was very curt and said:

“wewe deal na stori kwanza. Hizo zingine deal nazo siku ingine.”

Mammito has an air and flair for the theatrics, a trait that her fans love and cherish.

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Here are some comments from her fans on her standup talent.

  1. Mamito keep going…….go go go. We love you!

2. I loooooove her…Shes sooo good at what she loves: Comedy!

3. I met her in town and I just wanted to jump up and down…she is amazing

4. Team long necks like mine, Lol!

5. This girl makes me laugh…She’s one talented woman. I love her confidence.

6. You know I have such a neck? So, can you send me Churchill’s phone number pliiiiz? I gonna crack your ribs right away…

7. She is the only reason I watch Churchill show…

8. Our sisters got talent. The only problem with them is that ones they are hooked up/married the forget about it?what happens?


9. She is good but I think it’s about time Kenyan comedians came up with material that has international appeal lest it ends up like the Kenyan music industry.

10. A strong lady, she is!

At one point people thought she was pregnant after a selfie of Mammito and MCA Tricky went viral.

Mammito and McAtricky.
Mammito and McAtricky. Photo credit: Instagram/Mcatricky

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But Eddie has come out to refute any rumours and claims that Mammito is not pregnant.

Mammito is back on the limelight again, this time for a the same reason. Pregnancy.
In the video that has gone viral, Mammito is seen screaming in pain while cradling her humongous bulging tummy in her arms and bending over in pain.

Mammito Eunice captioned the video, “craving ya nduru.”

The dramatic screams attract her man who comes over to her with a worried look on his face.

“Babe, babe, ni nini mbaya?” said the concerned partner.

Mammito continues to mourn while her face is contorted into pain.

One commentor who saw the video said, “Haki mamito hiyo borot imefuguka kwa kishwa niko na sipare… 😂😂😂😂😂 come for the spare bolt…. I Kent!”

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Here are other equally hilarious and incredulous reactions to Mamito’s video.

shikuh_kungu: Hii moment ikifika boyshaud must respect me😂😂😂😂i cant want kuamsha mtu saa 3am mtoi anatka kwenda diani more.

sia_onyango: But Lord…… Let it rain more so that they get madawa @mammitoeunice @omwami_comedian.

its_kurui: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @tabby_ronoh kuna attitude umepoteza pahali.

chetu_254: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ati craving ya nduru….you deserve Award mara dat.

bosswife18: Cyezi piga nduru nikijiskia, ama lazima kuwe na kitu mbaya imefanyika, hahaaaa shida ya huyu babygul Mammito Eunice hukua nini. Hahaha wuuuuuuiiiii.

Check out the video that has got everyone in stitches.

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