Its hard to make people laugh, so they say! Well, Churchill show has been on our screens for the longest time now and its reception has been just fine.

This comedy show is one platform Daniel Ndambuki has used to create employment and empower alot of people, that I must admit. He is definitely one comedy legend to be celebrated not only for the show but his helping hand.That said, Churchill Show was yesterday cut off abruptly from airing leaving fans shocked not knowing what may have happened.

jasper murume 1

Jasper Murume,a Meru comedian seemed to have been the reason behind all this problem. When he got to the stage, the Churchill show comedian would come in with a bike which he would then use to explain his jokes.

jasper m

He would then go ahead to tell men to be attentive as he teaches them how to ride a bike something that would directly translate to popular Kama Sutra styles. The joke would turn to be not as he expected after many cited that content he put as “not for family viewing”.


The show would later go on break and as the Churchill Show fans waited for MCA Tricky’s performance after the break, it would never happen and the show would be turn off air immediately.