Comedian Felix Odiwuor, better known as Jalang’o, has sought to set the record straight on his rumored departure from Radio Maisha.

For some time now, speculation has been rife that the funny man will be leaving Standard Group (SG) after being offered a lucrative deal by Royal Media Services (RMS).

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However, in an Instagram post on Wednesday morning, Jalang’o seemed to quash the rumors after putting up a post that suggests that he’s there to stay.

This is what he posted.

His sentiments were echoed by Standard Group’s head of radio Tom Japanni who said that the media house can’t afford to lose him to their competitors.

“Jalang’o is here to stay. Not only is he great host and comedian, he is extremely hard working and possesses a great work ethic. We will not loose him to our competitors who are looking to poach our talent,” he said.

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