Viral sensation Vanessa Akinyi a.k.a Cartoon Comedian was on the Bonga na Jalas show where she revealed that she has had it rough in life.

She was brought up in Kariobangi then moved to Kayole and now moved to Umoja after she shot to fame.

Cartoon explained to Jalang’o that her accent came from living in the hood,‘…ni life ya mtaani iliniaffect.’

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She completed her form four and didn’t get the chance to join higher education and so she started hawking.

‘After nilimaliza form four nikaanza kufanya hawking nilikuwa natembezanga omena.’

The money she gained from hawking she used it to go for several Churchill show auditions and kept on being rejected.

‘Nikaenda Churchill auditions ya kwanza nikaambiwa aaai bado hawajalike, hawakupenda, hawakulove wakaniambia niende nicome next Tuesday,’ this continued for some time till she finally got a chance to perform.

Her breakthrough came when her ‘too much English’ clip went viral and from then she has gained a lot of followers and fans.

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Most of her fans seem to know her as a loud and outgoing person they were shocked to see how calm she is.

There are those who didn’t know anythimg about her and seem to be touched by her story.

Cartoon comedian speaks to Jalas on how she is aiming for greater heights and plans to do stand up comedy in the future.

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