Dr Ofweneke and the mother of his child, who’s his ex-fiancée Nicah The Queen called it off in September 2016, which was sad because all their fans were waiting for their grand wedding.

Nicah, real name Veronica Wanja and Ofweneke got engaged in June 2016, and at that time they were an item, they were blessed with a daughter, Ofweneke’s first kid but Nicah’s second, already having one from a previous relationship.

What shocked fans and the entire industry was the revelation that Dr Ofweneke was battering her, details revealed by Nicah after their bitter break-up came out in public.

nicah (1)

The gospel singer is now a single mother of two kids and though she had revealed that things were tough for her when Ofweneke left, she seems to have gotten back on track somehow, and now has businesses deals where she gets money to fend for her girls.

HAGA NAZO! Dr Ofweneke’s Ex-Wife Shows Him What Her New Man Will Be Enjoying EVERY NIGHT

Nicah has recently been sharing photos on vacation,  and jetting off for business meetings, perhaps suggesting that money is no longer a problem, and maybe she’s embraced single motherhood.

But is Dr Ofweneke taking care of his biological daughter despite the fact that things didn’t work out between them? After all, he should take responsibility of offering financial and moral support as the dad.


I contacted Nicah to find out how she’s doing since he left, and how she’s able to afford a holiday, and also to get the truth on whether Ofweneke sends her any child support.

Nicah Posts Cryptic Message About Her Relationship With Dr. Ofweneke

On Mother’s Day, Ofweneke only sent a message to his mother on the special day, raising questions on why he didn’t appreciate the mother of his daughter. Could it be that he doesn’t even check up on her?

Well, when I asked Nicah if he did send her any Mother’s Day message, she was like; “He can’t do that…ghai”. When I asked her whether he supports his daughter, she first laughed it off then gave me a surprising reason.

Listen to the audio below as Nicah reveals the truth on whether Dr Ofweneke is financially supporting his daughter or not. This one will surprise you.