You have laughed at his jokes. Comedian Chipukeezy has been talking about his Mlolongo tales since he got into the laugh industry. Well, today we reveal the woman who brought this funny man into the world…His mother.

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On a day like this, 50 years ago, Chipukeezy’s mother was born and he, Chipu could not help but show the love he has for her.

In his social media, he went on to write;

“You are my mother, my best friend the best thing that has ever happened to me and Today as you turn 50 YEARS i want to wish you a happy birthday and tell you that i love you.”

But there is one thing Chipukeezy will not do to his mother. Now that he is a comedian, he seems to be joking even when it comes to his mother. Vincent Muasya, his real name went ahead to point out that he was not going to send her any money. And why is that? She has his debts.

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The comic character went ahead to burst his fans with laughter after writting this.

“Kiherere yako mum najua itakuleta hapa instagram usome hii barua lakini we jua tu sikutumii kakitu Leo juu uko na deni yangu ????????lakini nakupenda sana sana. .Na siku moja tu before ufike 60 years Ntakujengea nyumba ya gorofa na pesa ya COMEDY ???????? .Happy birthday mum we love you.”

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Well, from Mpasho its a happy 50th birthday mama Chipukeezy.